Colostrum is the first milk released by mammary glands of female breast after baby born. Colostrum is more dense than routine breast milk and rich source of immunoglobulin specially Immunogobulin A which protect newborn from invaders like pathogens and strong immune system of newborn baby.

 Colostrum are more thicker and yellow than routine breast milk and called it “Golden Milk”. Colostrum change to routine breast milk in 2-4 days after baby birth.


Nutrients in Colostrum

Colostrum have all essentials nutrients which baby needs, Such special components of Colostrum are;

  • Immunoglobulin A, It is an antibody, which protect baby from disease and make her or his immune system strong.
  • Vitamin A are also present in Colostrum, Vitamin A have crucial role in immunity system.
  • Colostrum is rich in magnesium, which supports your baby’s heart and bones, Lactoferrin, White blood cells, copper and zinc, which also support immunity system in newborn baby.


Difference between colostrum and breast milk

Colostrum is a nutrient-rich first milk produced in your breasts during pregnancy. It changes to transitional breast milk from two to four days after your baby is born. However, small amounts of colostrum remain in your breast milk for some weeks.

These are differences between colostrum and breast milk:

  • Colostrum is filled with immunoglobins (especially IgA) to boost newborn baby’s immune system and protect it from disease.
  • Colostrum has two times more protein than breast milk.
  • Colostrum has four times more zinc than breast milk.
  • Colostrum is lower in fat and sugar than other milk, so it’s easier to digest.
  • Colostrum is thicker and more yellow due to carotenoids.


Colostrum benefits for newborn baby

Colostrum builds your baby’s immune system strong and provides concentrated nutrition. Some important benefits of colostrum are:

  • Helps strengthen your baby’s immune system.
  • Helps to establish a healthy gut by coating the internal layer intestines. This helps keep harmful bacteria from being absorbed and initiating intestine normal functions.
  • Offers ideal nutrition for a newborn baby.
  • Has a laxative effect that helps your baby’s passing first stool, which is called meconium and decrease the chance of jaundice.
  • It is easy to digest.
  • Helps prevent lowering blood glucose in newborn babies. 

New Born baby Waitint to take Colostrum
First Diet of baby is colostrum

How much colostrum does a newborn baby need?

Your newborn baby need about an ounce of colostrum per day. This equals about a teaspoon each feeding (you can expect to feed your newborn 8 to 10 times the first few days). The amount of colostrum and then transitional milk (first two weeks breast milk) your baby needs increases slowly each day as their stomach expands time by time. As your body transitions to producing regular breast milk, your milk production will increase to meet baby needs.



Golden elixir, lovingly crafted by new mothers in those precious early days after birth. It’s not just milk – it’s a reservoir of life’s goodness, packed with vital nutrients, antibodies, and growth factors that lay the foundation for newborns’ growth and well-being. Think of it as nature’s supercharger, kickstarting the immune system, aiding digestion, and nurturing healthy growth. But hold on, the story doesn’t end with infancy. Colostrum, with its scientific prowess, has piqued the curiosity of researchers, sparking investigations into its potential for bolstering gut health and even enhancing sports nutrition. Each tiny drop of colostrum reveals a chapter in the grand book of life, a chapter that sings of nature’s wisdom in nurturing life’s beginnings. As we delve deeper, we find colostrum not just nourishing our bodies, but connecting us to the rhythm of life itself. It’s a reminder that the natural world is an endless source of awe and inspiration, guiding us towards vitality with its timeless wisdom.

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