Football Hold (Clutch Hold) Breastfeeding Position

Football Hold (Clutch Hold) Breastfeeding Position, Breastfeeding is a remarkable journey that allows mothers to nourish and connect with their babies on a profound level. Among the various breastfeeding positions, the Football Hold, also known as the Clutch Hold, stands out for its unique benefits and versatility. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the Football Hold position, its advantages, and essential tips for achieving a comfortable and successful breastfeeding experience for both mother and baby.


Positioning for Football Hold:

To begin the Football Hold position, find a comfortable chair with armrests or use pillows for support. Hold your baby alongside your body, tucked under the arm opposite to the breast you will be using for nursing. Position the baby’s body along your side, with their head near your breast and their feet extending backward. This position resembles holding a football, hence the name “Football Hold.”

Football Hold (Clutch Hold) Breastfeeding Position
Football Hold (Clutch Hold) Breastfeeding Position

Achieving a Proper Latch:

A proper latch is crucial for effective feeding and preventing discomfort for both mother and baby. In the Football Hold, ensure the baby’s nose is in line with your nipple. Gently encourage your baby to open their mouth wide, allowing them to take in a generous amount of breast tissue. This encourages a deeper latch and more efficient milk transfer. Support your baby’s head and neck with your hand to ensure they are comfortable and securely attached.


Benefits of Football Hold:

The Football Hold offers several unique benefits that contribute to a successful breastfeeding experience. For mothers recovering from C-sections, the Football Hold reduces pressure on the abdomen, making it a comfortable and practical option during the post-surgery healing process. Additionally, the Football Hold is highly beneficial for nursing twins or managing multiple babies during feedings. Its versatility enables mothers to feed both babies simultaneously with ease. Moreover, the position provides mothers with an enhanced view of the latch, allowing for better control over the feeding session.


Tips and Considerations:

To optimize the Football Hold experience, consider using pillows or cushions for added support, especially if you are nursing multiples. This can reduce strain on your arm and provide additional comfort for both you and your baby. Adjust your baby’s position if needed to ensure their body is well-supported and that you are comfortable during the feeding session. Be patient and allow your baby time to latch comfortably, especially if they are still learning to breastfeed.


Alternate Positions and When to Try Them:

While the Football Hold offers numerous benefits, some babies and mothers may find other breastfeeding positions more comfortable or suitable for specific situations. The Cradle Hold is a classic position that may be preferred by some babies, while the Cross-Cradle Hold offers additional support for babies who need assistance with latching. The Side-Lying position is excellent for nighttime feedings or when both mother and baby are tired, as it allows both of you to rest comfortably.


Football Hold for Bottle Feeding:

The Football Hold position can also be used for bottle-feeding with pumped breast milk or formula. When bottle-feeding, ensure your baby maintains a proper latch to promote a seamless transition between breast and bottle.


Football Hold for Nipple Shields or Sore Nipples:

If you are using nipple shields or experiencing sore nipples, the Football Hold can be beneficial. This position provides better control over the baby’s latch, ensuring proper nipple coverage and alleviating discomfort.

Football Hold for Bonding and Eye Contact:

In the Football Hold position, mothers can experience enhanced bonding with their babies through the close proximity and eye contact. This fosters communication and emotional connection during feeding.



The Football Hold breastfeeding position offers comfort, convenience, and unique benefits that make it a valuable option for many mothers. Embrace the versatility of this position and explore different breastfeeding holds to find what works best for you and your baby. Each breastfeeding journey is a special and individual experience, and finding the right position can enhance the joy and connection between a mother and her baby during this precious time of nourishment and love. Happy breastfeeding!

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